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The current financial situation throughout the United Kingdom is without doubt having an effect on all of us. Fuel costs are increasing to our vehicles, and the knock on effect is increased staples such as our food, drink and home energy supplies.

Boat maintenance and running costs have also increased. I have recently fuelled the boat, to find yet another price increase; the price of my fuel albeit red diesel, has risen by 40% since January 2008.

However with the increased costs namely fuel I have taken the decision to increase the charter prices of Spindrift from July 01st 2008, the various trips will increase by a maximum of 15.

This is something I do with reluctance, but a necessity for all costs to be met and allow the boat to continue offering the high level of service expected from us.

Please note that all bookings made prior to July 01st 2008 will remain as quoted during the booking and are unaffected by this increase.

Thanks for your understanding and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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